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Introduction to the Commodity Market JSE

Learn about commodity markets

Unlike financial assets, a commodity can be summed up as the actual raw material used in production (manufacturing), as well as the agricultural products produced from farming activities (such as coffee, orange juice and meat). This course introduces you to two main catagories of commodities, namely, the Precious metals and the Agricultural commodities.

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Course Staff

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Lisa-Ann Morris

In 2006 Lisa joined the RMB customer dealing desk where she focussed on servicing large corporates with their foreign exchange hedging and execution requirements. Her passion for derivative structuring fostered her move to the Structured Sales desk in Global markets where he exposure broadened across the financial markets. In 2011 Lisa’s path shifted from trading to training with the objective to share her knowledge and passion for the finanical markets in a fun and practical manner to ensure maximum participation and learning benefit.

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