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Introduction to Derivatives JSE

Introduction to Derivatives

Derivatives have been a part of the finanical system for a long while already, and as is often the case, only gets publicity when they are used with negative consequences (such as the fall of Bearings Bank). By the end of this module you will appreciate the crucial role played by derivatives in the financial system as a whole. When used correctly there are very few other instruments that can be as effective and beneficial to manage and reduce risk, as derivatives.

Module 1: An introduction

Topic 1: What are derivatives?

Topic 2: The difference in prices

Topic 3: Long VS short positions

Topic 4: Single stock futures

Topic 5: Contracts for difference (CFD’s)

Topic 6: Index futures

Module 2: An introduction to options

Topic 1: What are options?

Topic 2: Investing using options

Topic 3: Hedging using options

Topic 4: The moneyness of an option

Module 3: An introduction to the futures market

Topic 1: Financial markets as risk conduits

Topic 2: Credit risk

Topic 3: Marked-to-market and margin

Topic 4: The functions of margin


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Course Staff

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In 2006 Lisa joined the RMB customer dealing desk where she focussed on servicing large corporates with their foreign exchange hedging and execution requirements. Her passion for derivative structuring fostered her move to the Structured Sales desk in Global markets where he exposure broadened across the financial markets. In 2011 Lisa’s path shifted from trading to training with the objective to share her knowledge and passion for the finanical markets in a fun and practical manner to ensure maximum participation and learning benefit.

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