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Introduction to Technical Analysis JSE

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of market action through the use of chart for the puurpose of forecasting a future price trend. This course introduces you to the basic foundation of what technical analysis is, the major differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis as well provide some insight into market psychology.

Module 1: The basics
Topic 1: What is technical analysis?

Module 2: The concept of trendlines
Topic 1: The creation of support lines
Topic 2: The creation of resistance lines
Topic 3: Role reversing between support and resistance

Module 3: The primary trend
Topic 1: The bird’s eye-view
Topic 2: The 200 day moving average


Introductory course.

Course Staff

Yonatan Rom

Yonatan Rom

A former Bond, equity and currency trader, who over the past 18 years has provided lectures and seminars to over 50,000 people globally on the psychology of trading, technical analysis and basic investment strategies. Yonatan was instrumental in the explosion of online trading in South Africa during 2004-2010 being the main educator and content provider to Standard Bank online Share trading. Yonatan has authored a book on technical analysis called The Winning Edge and has been a regular guest on Classic FM as well CNBC Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, a free online version of the Course book is available on this site.

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    Jan 14, 2015