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Introduction to Forex Market JSE

Introduction to Forex Markets

As a result of global trade and travel it is common for one country’s’ currency to be exchanged for another country’s currency in order to facilitate cross border transactions. This course comprises of three modules, which includes how to derive spot rates, forward rates, cross rates and lastly how you can trade in the FX market.

In this course you will learn about forex.

Topics covered

Module 1: An introduction

Topic 1: What are commodities?

Topic 2: A typical transaction

Topic 3: The forward market


You do not need any prior knowledge. This is the introductory course.

Course Lecturers

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Puso Fisher

In 2004, Puso joined Standard Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Division (Global Markets) as training manager where she founded the Global Markets internship programme. Puso was instrumental in the skills development initiative for external customers, aimed at increasing financial instrument sales penetration. In 2005 Puso moved into the structuring and trading of financial instruments within Standard Bank gaining exposure to Money Market instruments, credit derivatives, foreign exchange derivatives and portfolio management. Puso holds an MBA from the Gordon institute of Business)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a textbook?

Notes are provided on the JSE learn Site.

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    Jan 12, 2015