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An introduction to investing on the JSE. JSE

Introduction to investing on the JSE

This course introduces you to the basics of investing and the JSE. The courses includes 5 topics covering the introduction to shares, the wealth creation process, and introduction to the JSE and its functions, how to gain access to the financial markets as well as how to decide which shares to buy.

This is an introductory course giving you an overview of the JSE and Investing..

Topics covered

Module 1: An introduction to shares

Topic 1: Shares VS loans

Topic 2: Types of shares to invest in

Topic 3: The rewards of being a shareholder

Topic 4: Making money grow

Topic 5: Risk and reward

Topic 6: Why you should invest in shares

Module 2: The wealth creation process

Topic 1: The golden rules of investing and diversification

Topic 2: Market indices

Topic 3: Inflation and the cost of trading

Module 3: Introducing the JSE

Topic 1: Financial market jargon

Topic 2: The functions of a stock exchange

Topic 3: Understanding the financial news

Module 4: Gaining access to the market

Topic 1: Stockbroking

Topic 2: Behind the scenes

Module 5: Deciding which shares to buy

Topic 1: Where to get information

Topic 2: What to do with the information

Topic 3: What am I buying? And how much do I have to pay for it?

Topic 4: Putting it altogether


Anyone with an interest in investiong on the JSE.

Course Staff

Nkululeko Zikalala

Nkululeko Zikalala

After completing the RMB Treasury intern programme at RMB in 2005, Nkuli’s focus turned to the equity and derivatives markets where he joined the RMB Asset Management Team responsible for executing portfolio managers trades, sourcing liquidity through stockbrokers and managing trading strategies with brokers. Nkuli, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 12 years and has a passion for imparting this knowledge to his clients.

Puso Fisher

Puso Fisher

In 2004, Puso joined Standard Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Division (Global Markets) as training manager where she founded the Global Markets internship programme. Puso was instrumental in the skills development initiative for external customers, aimed at increasing financial instrument sales penetration. In 2005 Puso moved into the structuring and trading of financial instruments within Standard Bank gaining exposure to Money Market instruments, credit derivatives, foreign exchange derivatives and portfolio management. Puso holds an MBA from the Gordon institute of Business)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, a free online version of of the notes described here can be downloaded. All the presentation notes can also be downloaded.

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